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Welcoming All Talented Designers For A Profitable Partnership

Published on Saturday, 03/08/14

They say that artists rarely make good money. There is this common misconception that artists are either struggling with day today necessities or are stinking rich once they make it big. This form of thinking is being challenged by the emergence o widespread media which is giving talented artists an apt platform to showcase their skills and earn well by selling their artful pieces of work. Hey Prints is one such platform; it is a website wherein skillful poster designers can earn money by selling their posters.

Hey Prints is inviting talented poster designers to submit their posters and sell them to people who appreciate their art. Not only does the website help amateur and professional designers widen their base of customers, it also helps them gain profits. Hey Prints has a fixed base price for each poster and it allows the designers to set their retail price and their profit for each art print type and size. For example, if the base price for small posters is $19, designers can set the retail price to $25 and thus gain $6 as profit from each sale.

Hey Prints is a newly established company that deals in selling posters. It is the go-to website for finding stunning, high quality and large size posters by well-known poster designers from around the world. The company guarantees its customers with the best output quality and results through its vast array of posters sporting vivid, natural colors that are sure to grab eyeballs wherever displayed.

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Hey Prints is surely one of the best places you can get amazing, high quality and large posters from your favorite designers.

Hey Prints is all about quality, you are guaranteed to receive the best output quality and results, as well as vivid, natural colors that will surely grab the eyes of everyone visiting you.

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Each print is handled with care they deserve. And when you get yours, you’ll know what we mean. We use the best paper, best printer and best inks available.

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